Early Photos

Clark County Surveyors

Lewis Van Vleet, Clark County Surveyor, 1856, USDS at Vancouver, many DLC's
Levi Farnsworth, City Surveyor, 1857 and 1867, Clark County Surveyor, 1872-74
Alexander McAndrew Clark County Surveyor 1864-1872, 1874-1884, 1886-1889, USDS
Peter W. Crawford, Cowlitz County Surveyor 1881-82, City Surveyor 1883, Clark County Surveyor 1884- 86
Probable photo of Robert A. “Bob” Webster, Clark County Surveyor 1899-1909, USDS in Dole Valley and Carson
Albert C. O’Neel, Vancouver City Surveyor, 1901, USDS
WalterA. Schwartz, Clark County Engineer, 1920's

Cowlitz County Surveyors

Fred M. Lane, Cowlitz County Surveyor, 1892-1897, 1901-1907
Alvin Bystrom, Cowlitz County Surveyor, 1897-1901, USDS.
Claude Devolt, Cowlitz County Engineer, 1940’s

U.S. Deputy Surveyors

John A. Benson, head of the Benson Syndicate, criminal surveyors, 1880’s
Justin Chenoweth, USDS, surveyed 3 townships at Orchards, Camas and Battleground, 1855
David D. Clarke, USDS in Yakima and Spokane, 1870’s.
William E. Elwell, USDS, Dole Valley, North Chelatchie, 1890’s
Charles A. Homan, surveyed two townships East of Yacolt in the 1890’s.
Butler Ives, USDS, townships from Hazel Dell to Ridgefield, 1853
William Ives, USDS, Willamette Meridian, 1851
William Strong, USDS, namesake of William Strong School in Battleground.
John Trutch, USDS, surveyed several townships from Battleground to Yacolt, 1850’s
David Clarke, surveyed at Yakima in the 1870's
Isaac Smith, surveyed along Puget Sound in the 1850's
John Hurlbut surveyed in Oregon at Bull Run in the 1870’s
Eugene P. McCornack, USDS at Carson
Francis C. Yeomans, Camas surveyor, 1890’s
Blanche Webster Yeomans, wife of Francis and sister of Robert A. Webster

Local Surveyors

Lew Angelo, PLS, 1950’s to 1980’s, Camas City Engineer
I. M. “Mike” Greenwood, 1940’s to 1970’s, PLS in Vancouver
Harold C. “Hal” Lacy, PLS, PE, 1960’s to 1990’s
Jerry Olson surveying Mining Claims on Boston Glacier in 1976.
Jerry Olson looking for bt’s in 1984
Martin Plamondon, Clark County Mapping, 1980’ to 1990’s
Charles “Chuck” Porterfield, PLS, 1960’s, Camas
Kurt Stonex examining evidence in 1985
Bruce Towle showing off scribing in 1984
William K. “Billy” Ward, PLS, 1940’s to 1990’s
Lou Hatch, Bolt Minister, PLS, Jerry Olson, PLS, John Lawson, PLS, and Chuck Whitten, PLS


Charles A. Homan and crew were surveying corrections for William Elwell in T5N R4E East of Yacolt. Homan is on the left, then Philo Bogardus, Manley Smith, and Hal Hall. Hal was the brother of Joseph Hall and Judge Charles Hall, and became an engineer in California. All but Homan were local homesteaders.
Olson Engineering early office tools
Olson Engineering early field equipment