General Land Office Surveyors of Oregon


Ever since Steve Johnson gave me the list of Washington GLO Surveyors and Contracts, I have wished for such a list in Oregon.  There were just as many surveys and surveyors as in Washington, and they were working at about the same time.  Neither Oregon nor Washington had a way that a person could get a list of the surveyors that worked in that state, until the Steve Johnson list for Washington.  After 30 years of wishing, and when looking for another list, I found the Steve Johnson list for Oregon, not ever realizing I had it all along.

The data was typed into Excel in the same format as the other list in the fall of 2013.  It creates a place to record the information and photos found on the Oregon Surveyors, even though no active research is ongoing.  Royce Hill gave me the list of Oregon Examiners, Mineral Surveyors and DLC Surveyors. A photo spreadsheet had already been created.  

For the Oregon Surveyors that are in the Washington spreadsheet, most of the information will be copied over, but one hopes not to have too many places to enter the same data.  The Oregon photos will refer to the Washington photos as appropriate.  Collected biographies, Google Earth, and Waymarks will stay combined.

Pictured: Carl Raymond Caudle