The Source Climbing Center is the first facility solely dedicated to rock climbing in Clark County. Olson Engineering provided all the Civil Engineering and Surveying services for the project.

The book documents all 456 of the surveyors associated with the Washington Surveyor General's Office in the Contract Era, 1851-1910. Included are biographies, photos, work assignments and internment data. Most of these surveyors were private contractors operating in a political patronage system, with a broad range of expertise and ethics.

Mike Odren, Landscape Architect and Land Use Planner, for Olson Engineering, Inc. was recently appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to a two year term on the Clark County Development Engineering Advisory Board (DEAB). DEAB was formed by the Board of Clark County Commissioners to serve as a procedural step in reviewing new policy and code changes and to work with Public Works and Community Development on issues related to process improvement, technical issues and proposed fee adjustments.